Getting customers


The people we know go into business with the intention of using their expertise to produce outstanding results for their clients.

Many overlook how difficult it is to acquire new customers.

They tend to shy away from self-promotion.

Of course without regular clients a business is sure to fail.

Preventing failure requires you to undergo a fundamental mind shift.

Your real role is sales, and your success depends on it.


The remedy?


As much as you may loathe the idea of selling and prefer to spend your time on service delivery, you must accept that you need to focus your efforts and energies on getting clients.

At least until you have enough customers to sustain the business.

Then put in place a reliable plan for continued client acquisition.

Unfortunately the amount of time, effort and energy required for these activities is far greater than most new business owners anticipate.

But they are key to the business surviving and thriving.

More often than not when a small business owner struggles or fails it’s not their skills or technical expertise that caused their failure.

It’s their inability to set in place a proven sales and marketing plan.

The worst case scenario is waiting until that first source of new business dries up and due to a shortage of work, you have to lower your rates and take on any client just to pay the bills.

If you’re like the service business owners we know, you have very unique needs and challenges with respect to your marketing and sales strategy.

You want to fill your business with clients you love who respect your time, value, and expertise.

Clients who are willing to pay you what you are worth.

You need to put together a focused sales and marketing plan that helps you build a profitable, sustainable business, and develop repeat customers who love what you do.