If you’re a solopreneur it makes perfect sense to charge a premium for your services and to work with less clients.

Doesn’t it?

After all there is only one of you!

I  mean you can only work with so many people at one time and remain effective, right?

You don’t want to push yourself too hard, spread yourself too thin and risk burnout.

The transition from “average clients” to “high-end clients” over the past few years has transformed my business and my lifestyle.

Attracting high end clients will make a huge difference in the profitability of your business.

When you master the art of attracting high-end clients into your business you’ll have more money, more time and more satisfaction that the work you are doing really does make a difference.


Premium prices attract quality clients


High end clients don’t care about the cost of your services as long as they can be certain they will get superior quality.

The experience of working together is one of partnership and possibility.

Work doesn’t feel like work.

It’s more like play.


High end clients are ideal clients


Ideal clients don’t resist you.

They’ve paid a premium to work with you and they are invested in their outcome.

They co-operate with you as you work together to make significant changes in their businesses and lives.

Remember that high-end clients are not looking for quick fixes.

They want quality.

They want you to connect with them in a deep and meaningful way.

Show them that they are unique and special.


High end clients are long-term clients


By working closely with your clients you will get to know and understand their needs so much better.

You’ll be able to do more that will make a long lasting impact.

And when you charge premium prices, you will gladly give better service, because you’ll feel you are being valued for what you are worth.