Women are more risk averse than men


It may come as no surprise to learn that women are genetically wired to be risk averse and, as a rule, we tend to shy away from boasting about our achievements and abilities.

Also, we are inclined to be perfectionists, and highly self-critical.

The good news is that with work, confidence can be acquired.

We can learn to become good self-promoters.


Traits of a confident woman


A confident woman feels positive about what she can do.

She doesn’t worry about what she cannot do because she is open to learning.

She doesn’t waste her time concentrating on her weaknesses.

Instead she focuses on developing and maximising her strengths.

A confident woman refuses to live in fear.

She doesn’t waste time comparing herself to others, or pondering on “if onlys” and “what ifs”.

She is happy to stretch herself, to step out of her comfort zone.

To break¬†away from other people’s expectations.

Above all else a confident woman is bold, honest and forthright in her dealings with people.

She has an opinion, and she is never afraid to let her true feelings be known.

She learns to cope with criticism and to not take it personally.


Hormones have many important effects on a woman’s health


Of course hormones play a crucial role in the health and well-being of a woman throughout her life, and when levels fluctuate this can impact on our mood, our energy levels and our self-esteem, with sometimes devastating effects.

To be our absolute best self and achieve sustainable success we need a good head, a good heart, and we must develop a holistic approach to take care of our entire well-being, encompassing mind, body, and spirit.


Take care of your biggest asset, YOU


You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, your clients and your customers to take care of your biggest asset, YOU.

Looking after yourself will allow you to better care for others.


These are exciting times


Women are leaping into entrepreneurialism and business ownership like never before.

Accordingly to research by 2018 over half of small businesses will be run by female entrepreneurs.

That’s a giant leap forward for women!