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does this sound like you?

You’re a service based entrepreneur or small business owner and …

You’re so focused on providing a valuable service to your clients and making sure things run smoothly on a daily basis that you have neither the time or the inclination to implement strategies for growth.

You enjoy what you do, the very reason you went into business, and you’re really good at it.
You did not go into business so you could:

X  While away the hours blogging and communicating with prospective customers using social media
Study to become an SEO expert so you can get your website to rank at the top of SERPS
Spend hours testing and measuring the effectiveness of various online and offline marketing campaigns
Learn everything there is to know about how to perform like a seasoned sales professional

You appreciate that over dependence on a single customer is a killer and you can’t afford to wait until that first source of new business dries up and a shortage of work forces you to lower your rates and take on less than ideal clients.

You know you need to take action before you find yourself stuck in the feast or famine sales cycle feeling desperate, overworked, undervalued, spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than trapping yourself in a business that eats up your whole day, runs you ragged and burns you out and leaves you with no time left to enjoy yourself and your family.

"I just want to engage in work that inspires and fulfills me."

you can achieve success without sacrifice

How would it feel if you could have others working on things for you like:

  • Lead Generation – would it help you to have somebody else working hard to source and qualify your leads, so you spend your time working only with those who value your services and are willing to pay you what you deserve?
  • Appointment Setting – how would you like somebody else to set qualified appointments for you with key decision makers and influencers so you don’t waste your time barking up the wrong tree and dealing with people who won’t buy from you.
  • Sales Support – how much time would it save you to have someone else preparing your sales proposals and presentations and, if you wish, conducting or even participating in client enrolment conversations?
  • Sourcing & Developing Joint Ventures – would it help you to have somebody actively seeking out collaboration opportunities for you?
  • Procuring Testimonials & Referrals – how cool would it be to have a third party surveying your customers and obtaining glowing, effective and powerful testimonials to provide you with a non-stop referral generating machine?
  • Ongoing Sales & Administrative Support – how would it feel to have ongoing support so you can outsource routine jobs and grow your business without sacrificing your lifestyle?
Quit wasting your time doing things you don't enjoy.


By partnering with us, together we will:

  • Create demand for your services in a way that feels authentic and comfortable to you
  • Properly qualify your sales leads so you don’t waste your time and energy barking up the wrong tree
  • Work only with those who truly value you and your services and who are willing to pay you what you deserve
  • Eliminate unprofitable clients and time-wasting tyre kickers
  • Transform your satisfied customers into a nonstop referral generating machine
  • Ousource routine jobs and gain the freedom to do the things you enjoy most
  • Grow your business without sacrificing your lifestyle
Isn't it time to do what you do best and outsource the rest?

we’ve got your back

You are ready for this high level one-on-one support if you:

1. Already have an existing service based business
You don’t need to be well established or have a lot of customers but you should possess the skills and expertise necessary in your line of business.

You have a realistic expectation of what it takes to build a business, and understand that focus and execution on the right actions provide the greatest probability of success, i.e. you are a business builder, not an opportunity seeker.

2. You must be interested in and able to genuinely help people
Whatever service business you’re in, the strategies and systems we’ll be helping you implement will all focus around you providing more and more real value to your market and building a strong, help-based business.

It doesn’t matter how great the campaigns or strategies we share with you are … if you can’t actually help people get results, if you don’t believe in providing exemplary customer service, it will be impossible to build a sustainable business.

3. You have an insatiable desire to succeed
You are passionate, pumped and totally ready for this kind of expertise and support.

You’re out to get it or die trying!

How committed are you to working hard, learning new things and taking action to make it happen?

Are you willing to follow directions, stay focused and see things through? 

4. You must be willing AND able to invest in your business
Our goal is to get you the fastest, most significant results possible.

This will require investing upfront on our monthly retainer fee, and maybe also on things like paid advertising and even an important tool or two to help with your business.

We will help you increase your profits by far more than our monthly fee right away … but the point is that it often takes money to make money. 

If paying $2,997.00 for your initial month in our private clients program would be a huge strain on your finances, please don’t apply for a strategy call yet.

We want you to be focused on attaining results, not on making ends meet.

Now about our fees, they are based upon the value we create together.

We thrive in making, building and participating in clear win-win situations with our clients.

We guarantee our results and negotiate commission based agreements where you pay us from your profits, not out of your pocket.



sound like a perfect fit?

If so, here’s what we want you to do next:

Fill out the simple application, link below.

There are no wrong answers … we simply want to get an idea of where you’re at in your business journey, what you want to accomplish and how committed you are, etc.

Then, Teresa or a member of her team will review your application and, if we believe we’ll be able to help you in a big way, we will contact you within 24-48 business hours so we can set up a time for a strategy call.

Our call will probably last between 60 and 90 minutes, (there will be no fee for this session), and this is where we’ll really dig in and begin working to figure out exactly how to get your business to where you’d like it to be.

If at the end of our call you see the value in becoming one of our private clients, fantastic!

We’ll accept your first payment to get you enrolled right on the spot and we’ll schedule a time to officially get started as soon as possible.

If at the end of our call you decide you don’t want to become a client, that’s OK too.

We’ll wish you luck and that will be that.

Once we fill all the available spots in our program we will stop offering these free strategy calls so we can turn our focus to getting amazing results for those we’ve accepted into our Private Clients program, so the window of opportunity for this offer may not be open for very long.

Whatever level you’re at – whether you’re in the earlier phase or have been in business 10+ years – does not matter. Schedule your Strategy Call to find out we can help you exponentially grow your business!


Do you have what it takes to work with Ms. Entrepreneurial?