The smartest people in the world tend not to be so successful when it comes to business.

Why is that?


Because they overthink things


They spend a lot of their time immersed in thought and that is the reason they hardly ever get much work done.

They analyse rather than problem solve.

They’re continually searching for a better solution, when a ‘good enough’ solution would have done.

They end up knowing so much that they don’t know where to begin.

Entrepreneurs are solution obsessed.

Entrepreneurs prefer to spend their time experimenting with solutions and measuring outcomes.


They overvalue qualifications and degrees


Education can be a valuable tool that allows you to focus on the right things when undertaking a new venture.

But you don’t need a degree to get ahead in life as an entrepreneur.

Resilience and self-belief are an entrepreneur’s most precious commodities.

Your customers don’t care about how many qualifications you have.

They care only about the results you can help them achieve.


They avoid risk


Academics move slowly, deliberately and cautiously.

They are used to working within an environment of shrinking resources and a culture of constraint.

They seldom venture outside the scope of their duties.

Whereas entrepreneurs move fast.

They thrive on risk and consider all the possibilities.

They’re willing to get down in the trenches and do whatever it takes.


They focus on patterns


Smart people observe patterns and calculate probabilities as part of their research.

If most businesses fail, the probability is high that theirs will fail, so why bother trying?

Entrepreneurs concentrate on the small percentage of businesses that are highly successful, and they focus on how to be one of the few who succeed.


They loathe promotion


Smart people believe they should quietly do good work, submit to the review of others, and let that work speak for itself.

Entrepreneurs love the solutions they offer.

They’re constantly promoting their programs because of the transformations that occur as a result.

There is no shame in their game!

Do you have an academic or an entrepreneurial mindset?

Are you able to move quickly, experiment without prior analysis, create without constraint, and love the idea of promotion?