A truly confident woman is tuned into her intuition.

She allows her gut instinct to guide her.

She takes calculated risks and accepts full responsibility for her behaviour and her decisions.

She celebrates her individuality and lives her life on purpose without fear of judgement or rejection.


Build emotional resilience


Life is full of unpredictable events.

Sooner or later we are going to get thrown a curveball.

No matter how prepared we think we are, misfortune and setbacks will test our ability to respond proactively and resourcefully to change or adversity.

To build emotional resilience we need to be aware of how we react in difficult situations.

Worrying won’t change anything.

By focusing on solutions rather than problems we will feel more in control, which brings less stress.


Become a lifelong learner


Successful people believe that education and learning never ends, that nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it.

They focus on self-improvement instead of worrying about how smart they are.

In this ever-changing world it’s important to stay current, competitive and up to date.

Make sure you set time aside on a regular basis to educate yourself on new concepts and ideas.


Take charge of your life


Live your life by design, don’t leave it to chance.

Write a life plan.

Display images and text of all your hopes and dreams for your future on a vision board or better still, on an action board.

This will inspire and encourage you to keep moving forwards.

It will give you the energy to get things done when the going gets tough.


Set bold but realistic goals


Think BIG but don’t set unrealistically high goals for yourself.

If you fail to achieve them your self-belief will plummet.

Demanding too much, too fast, is how goals, especially big audacious ones, die.

Break down your goals into bite-size pieces and set daily tasks and routines so they become more easily achievable.

Celebrate each milestone, then set an even higher goal and push yourself further.

The whole process is incremental.

You gradually aim higher, and with each step forward you become more confident and sure of your actions.