Meet our founder, Teresa Hollingbery

Teresa’s specialty is helping service based entrepreneurs and business owners gain and retain their ideal clients and build the business of their dreams.

During the course of 30 years in sales and marketing at management level in the corporate sector and as an independent consultant she’s signed many multi-million dollar contracts and won numerous awards in sales achievement.In separate door-to-door and telemarketing campaigns she wrote over $50,000 worth of new business in less than 2 hours, and achieved 700% increase in profits over a 2-year period for a new client. Having worked with so many unique clients and ideas she’s perfected the process of turning passionate individuals into profitable entrepreneurs.

She took one of her own ventures from zero to multiple six figures within 3 months whilst raising her two daughters as a sole parent and battling the effects of long-term postpartum depression.

Teresa established Ms. Entrepreneur to inspire, empower and support creative women with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to take their strengths and passions and turn them into a profitable business.

She teaches women the very journey she took when she began to listen to that voice inside of her, the one guiding her to spiritual and emotional strength – to empowerment.