To grow a successful business you have to become irresistibly magnetic.

You do that by being unique, different, compelling.

By focusing your efforts on the things you do well naturally.

Become an expert in what you do well instead of being a generalist that does a little bit of everything in a so-so fashion.

Learn to play to your signature strengths.

Playing to your biggest natural strengths will energise you and give you more satisfaction.

You’ll fire on all cylinders and time will fly by because you are doing what you love.

So how do you identify your natural strengths?

Well, let’s start off by identifying your weaknesses.

That’s the easy bit!

What are your weaknesses?


A weakness is any activity that leaves you feeling weak, an activity that bores you, frustrates you or drains you.

It’s an activity you dread, something you just cannot wait to be over and done with.

A lot of business owners I know hate bookkeeping.

But, like it or not, the state of your business books may very well determine whether your business lives or dies.

Personally, bookkeeping sucks the life out of me.

So what do I do?

I outsource that work because my time is better spent doing the things I enjoy that maximise my results and success.

We are all human and recognise our weaknesses.

The trick is to minimise them and maneuver around them so you are in control.


 What are your personal strengths?


Everyone has strengths they are born with but few people have spent enough time or effort to truly understand what it is they are great at or have the potential to be great at.

Your strengths are a mixture of your talents, knowledge and “skills”.

“Skills” don’t come naturally, they are the strengths you’ve worked hard over time to acquire.

Using your strengths focuses on doing more of what you are naturally good at rather than what you are just “capable of doing”.

High achievers spend most of their time using their strengths.

They focus on developing their strengths and managing their weaknesses.

They may not have more strengths than the average individual, but they have learned to utilise them better and to apply them to new situations.


Play to your signature strengths


Your signature strength is an area of gifting where your skill intersects your passion.

This means it’s not enough to be really good at something, you must have some love and/or enjoyment of it too.

Otherwise, it’s just a “skill” or a “capability” you have that isn’t reliably fun for you to use.

Orientating yourself around your signature strengths instead of around your skills will completely change the game on how you provide services that fit who you truly are.

You’ll know when something is a signature strength because it feels more like play than work.

  • You will enjoy the process
  • You will have a sense of energy and engagement
  • You will often lose your sense of time because you are so engrossed in the task
  • You will show high levels of performance
  • You would be willing to pay to engage in the activity
  • You want to do things that use your strengths even when you are tired or stressed

Playing to your signature strengths will get superior results in your work compared to someone whose time and activities are not as well aligned.

Playing to your signature strengths will help you shoot for the stars!