Personally, I love cold calling!

But let’s face it, not many people do.

And even more people loathe getting cold calls.

But they are a necessary part of doing business.

It’s vital if you are to be successful that you overcome your reluctance to pick up the phone and prospect for new business.

You need to learn how to master the cold call.


Do You Suffer From Call Reluctance?


Do you put off making cold calls?

Do you agonise over what to say and how to say it?

Does the thought of being met with rejection or an objection fill you with fear and anxiety?

If so, you need to reset your expectations.

Treat your first contact with a prospective customer as an opportunity to introduce yourself and your business.

To find out if they have a need for your services and whether you’d make a good fit.

Make this call all about your customer, not about you.

Connect and engage in a way that makes your customer feel you understand their issues.

Until you establish whether or not they have a need for what you have to offer there’s no point in trying to take things any further.

When you adopt this attitude and you receive a no you’ll be able to thank the person for not wasting your time and move on.

It won’t feel personal, because it’s not personal.

It’s just business.

Too many people launch into a sales presentation prematurely then become disheartened needlessly when they are met with rejection.

This is completely avoidable if you employ the above strategy.


Make Your Sales Call Conversational


The truth is a sales conversation should be between two people, talking normally and acting naturally.

When you are being yourself your prospective customer is more likely to let down their guard and listen to what you have to say.

When I prospect for business I use a script as a guide.

I weave it loosely into my conversation, mainly to keep me on point.

And I always have at hand a list of responses to the objections I expect to encounter.

The thing is you need to be prepared in case you come across a prospect who is ready and willing to move forward during your first conversation with them.

I recommend the use of a script.

But whatever you do, do not read it word for word.

You will sound robotic.

You will come across as a telemarketer who flaunts their products to every prospect, regardless of need, in the hope of making a quick sale.

This is sure to antagonise your prospect and result in a “not interested” or a hang up.


Resist The Temptation To Wing It


Another thing.

If your prospect asks you a question for which you have no answer, resist the temptation to wing it.

Believe me, honesty is always the best policy.

Just admit you don’t have the answer but assure them you will get it.

I actually like it when this happens.

It gives me a reason to get back in touch with my prospect and this time it’s a friendly warm call, not a cold one.


Done Well, Cold Calling Works Like A Charm


But with the wrong approach it is an absolute waste of time and energy.

Remember you have just a few seconds to grab a person’s attention and make an impression so make sure your approach is fresh and your opening is strong and convincing.

It may seem obvious but check to make certain from the outset you are speaking with the decision maker.

And don’t bother with small talk.

Get straight down to business.

Your potential customers want to engage in genuine conversation that is both productive and beneficial.

Likewise you want them to know you’re a busy professional who’s got better things to do than waste your time.


Good luck!


And remember, it’s not what you sell … it’s how you sell it.