As at December 2017 it was estimated that there were 7.6 billion people living in this great big world of ours.

But there will only ever be one YOU!

You truly are a unique, gifted, and special individual.

That is an absolute fact.

Of course, as humans, we share the usual bits and pieces that most of us have in common, such as body parts, like a head, a heart, a brain, and so on.

We may even resemble each other in appearance, but that is where the similarity ends.

It’s our life experiences that make us the person we are.

The way we grew up and what we learned in childhood makes us different from everyone else.

And the skills we’ve learned along the way, things as simple as caring for a pet, learning to play a musical instrument, building a cubby house, planting a veggie patch, and so on.

It’s the combination of everything you’ve learned and all the various things you’ve done up till now that makes you totally different from anybody else on this planet.

Some people may share similar talents and abilities but no-one is, or ever will be, identical to you.


No-one knows you better than yourself


Whether you believe it or not, no-one knows you better than you know yourself.

Everyone has an opinion on how best to run your life.

And everyone has an opinion on how best to run your business (and I say this despite this being the business I’m in).

Just remember the advice someone else gives you will be based on their life experiences, their thoughts, their opinions, and their emotions.

Not yours.

Since you are unique, dare to be your own person.

Have the courage to live true to yourself, not according to what others think.

We need to be true to ourselves to be happy.

Do not aspire to become the person or the business leader you admire most at the expense of hiding behind the mask of fakery and deception.

Though it is helpful to learn from others’ experiences, skills and style, you do not want to lose your sense of self and set your sights on becoming their clone.

They are not the embodiment of success that you should aspire to become.

They are simply talented, successful people who’ve developed a strong professional identity that serves them well in their business.

Your goal is to take the best of what you learn from others and determine how to adapt and apply it in a way that suits and furthers your unique values, qualities and skills.

Keep in mind that customers have a very accurate built-in BS detector that can see through fake or forced behavior from a mile away.

Be a true, authentic, and real individual, and you will do well in life and in business.