As you set out on your entrepreneurial journey it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that’s required to get to the stage where you can begin to make money from your business.

And it takes a lot of sacrifices and strength to build an empire while running a family, especially if your support network isn’t strong.

If you are a one-woman show, don’t isolate yourself.

Don’t go it alone.

Reach out and connect with like-minded people.

Find mentors, role models, a coach or an accountability partner.

It will cut your journey in half.


Choosing mentors


Only you know what your goals, desires, dreams and aspirations are and what type of person or people can help you get there.

Ideally you want someone who has successfully navigated the road you intend to travel, where actual work and hustle was required to succeed.

Someone with whom you share a deep and meaningful connection.

Someone who can assure you that you are not alone in facing your day-to-day challenges.

The best mentor will offer practical, timely advice and encourage you to take action.

It’s important for you and your mentor to always be straightforward with each other, and to maintain a fierce openness to learning and a sense of urgency.


Seek out joint ventures


Finding the right strategic alliance or joint venture can transform your business quickly by helping you get immediate access to well qualified prospects.

It will help to create more revenue while building your brand.

The best type of joint venture is done with a company or with someone who has a non-competing product and/or service offering in an aligned niche.




As soon as you are able, outsource those tasks and activities in your business and your life that take your time away from important work, or steal your joy.

Your time is better spent doing things that create revenue and provide personal fulfilment.