Do you know the number one reason why your customers buy from you?

It stands to reason that in order to be successful in sales or business the focus has to be on solving customers’ problems.

The more problems you solve the more successful you will become.

Being proficient at what you do is obviously important.

Having sales skills is helpful.

However, whenever a customer is presented with what seems to be a level playing field between competing service providers they are always attracted to the person or the company that possesses …


“Yes” energy


“Yes” energy is that intrinsic mixture of vibrancy, enthusiasm and optimism that naturally exudes from someone who is highly confident.

 Someone who believes anything is possible.

 It’s communicated in the way you present yourself.

 The manner in which you depict your services in your marketing and sales campaigns and materials.


Being around people who possess “yes” energy is contagious


It makes customers feel good about themselves and about doing business with you.

It causes them to burst through their own lethargy and disinterest.

It encourages them to believe and to take action.

If you employ “Yes” energy in your business you will connect and engage with your customers at the highest and most satisfying levels.

You will form long lasting meaningful relationships with people who come back again and again to do business with you.

The most important time to tap into your “Yes” energy is when you are engaged in prospecting for new business.

How else will you be able to excite and enthuse your potential customer to do business with you unless you are operating at your highest energy level?

Your positive energy will serve you well.

It will help surround you with like-minded people you want to enlist as your ideal customers.

And it will dispel the naysayers, the type of people you do not want to do business with anyway.


Think you cannot sell yourself?


“Yes” energy is not pretentious or exaggerated.

It’s not about being “salesy” or pushy.

It’s you operating at your highest energy level.

When you are physically and mentally in the zone it won’t feel painful or embarrassing when it comes to “selling yourself”.

It won’t matter to you whether or not people like you or buy your service.

You’ll manage to easily put things into perspective.

You’ll accept that rejection is part of the process.

It’s not personal.

Its only business.


Set yourself free!


Say goodbye to that negative all-or-nothing mentality responsible for depleting your enthusiasm and producing less than satisfactory results.

By altering your thoughts, your behaviour and your posture you can stand tall in your own power.

You will want to take bold actions.

You will embrace risky ideas.

Start seeing the forest rather than focus on the trees.

The super confident you will find it easy to build rapport with strangers.

You’ll enjoy your interactions with people.

They’ll feel natural and effortless.

Regardless of the outcome.

Remember to leave people with a warm and fuzzy feeling for having met you even when they have no need for your service.

Because you can bet they will call upon you if and when they do!