Who Is Your Ideal Customer?


A lot of people I come into contact with say their biggest challenge is finding ideal customers.

They complain that their existing customers can be difficult to do business with, that they expect them to provide their services at bargain basement prices.

Instead of blaming their customers for this behaviour it makes better sense to stop wasting their time dealing with the same people over and over again in the hope of achieving a different outcome!

Instead they should be asking themselves “Who would I most like to do business with?”

The key is to find customers you really enjoy working with and, in turn, customers who really enjoy working with you.


Develop A Customer Profile


It’s important to be very specific when developing a profile of who fits the mould of your perfect customer.

This type of customer may not be as easy to find as those you’ve taken on previously without being particularly selective due to an urgent need of new revenue.

Keep in mind that when your target market is well-focused you will spend far less time struggling in your business.

It won’t be necessary to waste so many hours talking to customers who are not receptive.

You won’t encounter as many objections.

And because your customers are happy with the service you provide you’ll get repeat business and enjoy long-term trust-based relationships.

Once you have defined your ideal customer the next thing to do is to go through your customer base and determine how many of your existing customers meet that profile.

What are the particular traits they share?

Use these criteria to review your list of prospects and to identify those you would prefer to do business with.


Target Your Ideal Customer


Focus all your efforts on attracting the attention of that precise type of customer.

Start off by targeting the specific niche to which they belong.

You can then branch off into sub-niches based on the target market you are pursuing.

In this way you will be dealing only with prospects that are ideally positioned to become your best customers.

Your selling efforts will become easier and feel more natural.

By highlighting your area of specialty you will become more attractive to your prospective customers than your competitors.


How Do You Attract Their Attention?


How does your service offering solve your customer’s most pressing problem?

You need to uncover their needs and concentrate on selling to them in a way that best satisfies those needs.


Put Your Focus On High Performers


By systematically culling customers who aren’t generating profits and ruthlessly screening new ones you will be able to create a profitable customer base.


You Don’t Have to Work Harder, Just Smarter


Enroll only those customers that fit your ideal criteria.

The perfect way to do business is to perform for your customers and expect your customers to perform for you.

 If you’d like help defining precisely who is your ideal customer, feel free to drop us a line by clicking here.