Don’t go ignoring signals from your prospective customers that they are ready to sign on the dotted line while you’re still in the middle of your presentation.

It’s possible on occasion to come across a lay down misère.

We’re conditioned to believe that people need to be in full possession of the facts before they make a buying decision.

Not always so.

Some people get sold quickly.


Perhaps your prospect has already shopped around extensively


Maybe he’s spoken with providers of similar services.

With your competitors.

Most are not forthcoming with that information.

It’s the way they like to play the game.

With an ace up their sleeve.

An advantage you don’t know about.

But if you ask the right questions and listen carefully to their responses it should become apparent to you at what stage they’re at in the buying cycle.

It could be they know precisely what they’re looking for and you’ve reached the part in your presentation where you’ve addressed the issue they were worried about.

Since you’ve dispelled their fears they are ready to commit to come on board with you.

So many sales people are compelled to get to the end of their presentation that they block out everything until they’re done.

They believe that getting through the entire sales pitch is necessary to clinch the deal.

A good salesperson is always on the lookout for subtle buying signals and nonverbal cues that indicate when to start the conversation that would lead to a closed sale.


You’ve got to pay attention to your prospect’s behaviour at all times


Listen for a change in their tone of speech.

Watch their bodily movements.

Observe the way they look at you.

Or you just might miss a buying signal.

And finish up talking them out of the sale!

The proud new business owner can sometimes be so focused on making a good impression it’s easy to become oblivious to what’s going on around her.