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Create your own opportunities

CREATE YOUR OWN OPPORTUNITIES   My personal story   Growing up it was my dream to become a lawyer. My father, however, was deadset against a university education for his daughters. "What's the point?" I remember him saying. "A few years from now you'll meet a man, get...

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Dump the duds

DUMP THE DUDS   Several years ago I met with a prospective client who’d just relocated with his family from interstate. He had an established business, a great product, and a very impressive past projects portfolio. He was a referral from a valued associate....

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Some people get sold quickly

SOME PEOPLE GET SOLD QUICKLY   Don't go ignoring signals from your prospective customers that they are ready to sign on the dotted line while you're still in the middle of your presentation. It's possible on occasion to come across a lay down misère. We're conditioned...

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Why do people buy?

WHY DO PEOPLE BUY?   Do you know the number one reason why your customers buy from you? It stands to reason that in order to be successful in sales or business the focus has to be on solving customers’ problems. The more problems you solve the more successful you will...

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Stop trying to be like someone else!

STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE SOMEONE ELSE!   As at December 2017 it was estimated that there were 7.6 billion people living in this great big world of ours. But there will only ever be one YOU! You truly are a unique, gifted, and special individual. That is an absolute...

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