Have you ever been tempted to lower your fees in order to undercut your competition and win more business?



Lower Fees Will Attract Low Quality Clients


Low quality clients are more focused on price than they are on results.

Clients more focused on price than results are more difficult to work with.

They cost more.

They tend to require the most support.

They’re demanding.

They’re hard to please.

They constantly complain.

They’re never satisfied.

They give less commitment.

They tend to take no responsibility for their own outcomes.

They tend to blame you and your service for anything that goes wrong.

You’ll never get good referrals or glowing testimonials from low quality clients.


Lowering Your Fees Drives Away Your Ideal Clients!


Lowering your fees will repel the clients you most want to work with; those who value your time, your expertise, and who are willing to pay you what you are worth.

When a client is more concerned with what they will receive than what it will cost, they rarely go for the “cheap” option.

High end clients care much less about the cost and much more about the value.

When high end clients see low fees they automatically assume that the service must be lacking in value.

Keep in mind that the size of a client’s commitment is always equal to the size of their investment.

If you take on clients for low fees you can expect to have collection issues on a regular basis, whereas high paying clients usually pay on time.


Transform Your Business & Your Income


It doesn’t take a lot more work to attract high end clients.

When you master the art of attracting high end clients, you will transform your whole business.

You will have more money, more time, and get more satisfaction in the work you do.

High end clients are ideal clients.

They are clients you can really make a difference with and clients with whom you love to work.

They remain loyal.

They become long-term clients.

They understand the value you offer and are willing to pay you more than the average client.

From my own personal experience working in partnership with my ideal clients doesn’t feel like work.

It’s fun and productive!

Ideal clients don’t resist you.

They co-operate with you as you work with them to make significant changes in their businesses and produce high level results.

Developing meaningful relationships with long term clients gives you the opportunity to get to know and better understand their needs.

Are you ready to attract better quality clients into your business?